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Asorcafe Pedregal - Sugar Cane Decaf
  • Asorcafe Pedregal - Sugar Cane Decaf

    Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Raspberry


    Suggested Brewing Method: For optimum flavour extraction of this coffee, we recommend a pressurised or semi-pressurised brewing method, such as espresso machine, Moka Pot, or AeroPress.


    Asorcafe was founded on July 11, 2003 in the town of Pedegral in Inza and currently there are 290 members who are part of the association. The association was set up to help these producers become organised to sell their coffees as specialty but also provide a framework and structure to further their education and progression to improve the economic and social conditions for themselves, their families and their community.


    These small producers work on plots of land between 1.8 – 2 ha in size and farm coffee up to altitudes of 2100 masl. The farms are planted with caturra, typica, bourbon, tabi, castillo and some pink bourbon. Traditionally the coffee is fully washed and once harvested the coffee is then pulped and fermented for between 20-40 hours depending on the local environment. After this the coffee is washed and any immatures removed and then it is dried for between 8 – 15 days weather depending in parabolic driers.


    The coffee undergoes gentle steaming to release the silver skin and to allow the beans to swell and soften. Extractors, which are naturally obtained from sugar cane, are combined with the coffee and washed several times to remove the caffeine. With sugar cane being in abundance in many coffee producing areas, this method can be a cost effective and community driven method of producing high quality decaffeinated coffee.


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