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Bukonzo Dream
  • Bukonzo Dream

    Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Passionfruit, Peach


    Suggested Brewing Method: This is an extremely versatile coffee, we've found it tasting delicious with both Espresso and filter based brewing. 



    Bukonzo dream’s name comes from the Bukonzo tribes’ people that this coffee is grown by. A friendly and welcoming people with a keen focus on providing opportunities for each future generation, this has led them to developing practices to increase both the quality and the yield of their crops. At the local coffee station Kisinga, coffee cherries are bought and processed continually throughout the season, allowing the coffee cherries to be picked gradually when at their highest quality. This way growers can gain a greater yield throughout the year of super quality and gain a higher price, earning more for the farmers of the Bukonzo tribes and a better quality of coffee for us!


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